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Doggie Moms Grace Karen and Erika
Grace Forster, Karen Biehl and Erika Searl
of the hit show Doggie Moms

One of the many things we love about being New York "Doggie Moms" is meeting other "Moms" (and Dads!) who adore their dogs as much as we do. From casual meet-ups in the park to high-end, celebrity-studded fashion shows, we're always making new canine and human friends to share amazing adventures with.

Many "moms" out there got a glimpse of our fun (and often hectic!) lives on the recent six-week reality series, Doggie Moms on NYC Life (Channel 25), and we wanted to introduce you to just some of the many other, fantastic pet moms--dogs, cats, and otherwise!--in and around our great city.

And what better day to do that than on Mother's Day? We hope you enjoy the photos and wonderful sentiments from scores of pet moms who answered our call to tell us more about themselves as much as we did. And remember--becoming a pet mom is as easy as making a visit to your local shelter or rescue group. Take it from the "Doggie Moms": the love of a pet is a gift that never goes out of style!

Happy Mother's Day to all! -- Love, Erika, Grace and Karen. (Be sure to tune in to the Doggie Moms two-part reunion show airing on May 11 and May 18 at 9:30 pm on NYC Life Channel 25!) Click here for a sneak peak.

Diane West, Publisher, New York Tails Magazine

Stella and Chico
Stella and Chico

My mom, loves her Granddog Chico...As a doggie mom, I wanted to celebrate both of them on Mother's Day! Thank you to my Chico, who made me the proudest doggie mom when he provided my mom with much needed love and laughter when she was in a nursing home, battling cancer and recuperating from multiple surgeries after being struck by a car. From my heart and Chico's, we want to wish the greatest "Doggie GRANDMOM" in the world a very Happy Mother's Day! Love, Chico and his Doggie Mom, Stella.

Andrea and Frankie
Andrea and Frankie

Frankie's mom is Andrea Humphrey. Andrea adopted Frankie this year. He's an older cat that is very social and loving.

Toto and Mom, Susan

My Yorkie, Toto, almost died recently. My Maltese looks after her (maybe too much) but I am so happy that she has a reason to live! I love them both and hope I can make a tribute to my Toto before she dies. She has travelled extensively with me, to puerto Rico, florida, Maine, etc on hikes, climbs, rafting, surfing! I love her. Love, Susan

Gillman and Jessica
Gillman and Mom, Jessica

Dear Mommy: From the day you rescued me six years ago until today, you've not only been my mom, but my best friend! Chichi Love, Gillman
Paulina, Dog and Cat Mommy

Paulina Bitetto: My friend Paulina Bitetto is one of the best pet moms ever, having adopted stray animals and given them wonderful lives. Right now, she has a German Shepherd Dog and a Bichon Frise that would otherwise have been euthanized. Each has been to training classes for the past several years, to dog show, and is just ADORED. This is her cat in the picture. Happy Mother's Day from Kay!

Leesa and Moo
Leesa and Moo

Happy Mother's Day! Leesa Rowland and Moo

Tootsie and Gerri
Tootsie and Mom, Gerri

That's me, Tootsie, and I am the luckiest puppy in the world cause I have a mom who love to play football with me! I'm the best wide receiver who can escape any tackle. But sometimes I do let my mom, Gerri, tackle me cause it always ends up with a hug...and I do love hugs!

Petey and Mom Beth
Petey and Mom, Beth

We are Beth and Petey Kraimer. He is 7 years old now. I always wanted to be a Mom and when I found Petey terribly distressed in a pet shop I knew I had to take him home. After a while he recovered and became the shoe wearing show off in Manhattan. He has made feel so loved and appreciated that he models professionally and go to all the hottest parties in the city.
Molly and Kaboodle

My cats clearly hit cat lotto. I am the kind of cat mom who literally wakes up, fans them and feeds them treats. They have a cat bunk bed with their names monogrammed on them and a pink litter box shaped like a heart. I am very lucky and blessed to have my Molly and Kaboodle; they make me incredibly happy Mother's Day and every day of the year. Lisa

Ada Nieves
Ada Nieves, Pet Parent

Happy Mother's Day to Pet Parent Extraordinaire Ada Nieves! From Dana Humphrey and "Martini."

Fern and Brandon
Brandon and Mom, Fern

Our Mommy, Fern Weinbaum, is the best! She takes care of all eight of us who were adopted. She gives us so much love and so many kisses. We all sleep in bed with her. She takes us all over and socializes us and gives us everything we need. She loves all shih tzus and is known to help homeless doggies. Love, Brandon, Dustin, Chase, Kahlua, Cody, Maui, Chingkee and Lola


Madison is a four and a half year-old toy poodle rescued from an Amish puppy mill in PA in Nov. 2007 - and is the apple of her mommy's eye. Nicknames include "Lambchop," "Swee'pea," "Velcro," and "Padoodle."

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