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Good Hair Days = Good Health Days for Your Fur-Covered Friends

Heat, humidity and good grooming are even bigger factors for your best friends now that the summer is finally here.

Sandy Tlacuilo, owner of Sandy's Doggie & Kitty Spa on Manhattan's Upper East Side, offers New York Tails readers some simple tips for caring for the appearance and health of your dog and cat during the summer months-especially in between grooming appointments.

Summer Pet Care-Common Questions and Helpful Solutions

Question Answer
Should I brush my dog's undercoat in between professional groomings? It is wise to brush the undercoat of a dog regularly between groomings. This will make the dog cooler and more comfortable.
How often should I clean my dog? The dog should be cleaned every 4 to 6 weeks in between groomings.
If my dog has longer hair, is it good to trim the hair in between groomings? Trimming is fine depending on the length of hair. Once again, keeping the undercoat brushed and/or trimmed is crucial.
What are some other summer maintenance tips? Owners tend to take their dogs a lot of places over the summer months, (camp grounds, beach, countryside). It is important to spot-check for fleas and ticks. And a collar to kill them isn't enough. They must be removed by hand.
Will dogs get overheated if they are not trimmed? Actually, a dog can overheat if they are trimmed too close. Be careful about trimming. Remember that their coat is a protective device for their body.
What about cats? Should long- or thick- haired cats be shaved or trimmed? Cats are different from dogs. There is no reason to trim or shave their hair.


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