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Sidewalk Shock in the Summertime?

As you know, New York Tails has been letting you know about the incredible but true incidence of electrical shock from damaged electrical wires from lampposts and underground wiring on city streets, especially in the winter, (See archived article.)

Blair Sorrel first sounded the alert on electrical shock, even before the death from stray voltage of a woman and her dog in Greenwich Village a couple of years ago. Incredibly, Ms. Sorrel now says the danger isn't limited to the wintertime. Recent news coverage about livery cabs being hired to "guard" potential area of shock in the ark Slope area of Brooklyn have been reported.

For the most up-to-date news articles about stray voltage, visit where you will also find a map of hot spots to avoid and a place to report hot spots that you and your dog encounter. You will also find useful tips on keeping your dog safe.

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