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Hartsdale Pet Cemetery Sponsor of Lives Well Lived

Adopted 2004 - May 2008

I was living by myself and going through a rough time when I adopted Shana four years ago, and it helped so much to talk to her. She was completely fearful of people and giving her the best care made me feel important. By the time she died, she had developed into a fun, happy, content, social, affectionate cat, even sitting on my parents' laps the last time they visited me in New York. I still feel sad when I think of how I'll never see her again, and I'm not sure how much that will subside in the future. But I do thank the heavens for cats! - Anna Riche

rememberance tree planted
In Memory of Lost Dogs
2008 Cherry Tree Planting

LOVE ALWAYS BLOSSOMS: Central Park Paws and the Central Park Conservancy planted a cherry tree in memory of lost dogs along the West Side's cherry walk next to the reservoir this past spring while the cherry trees were in full bloom. Here, Dr. Maria Camps, DVM, adds a shovel of soil to the planting. About 50 dog owners led by Paws president Susan Buckley, standing third from left, and NYCdog president Bob Marino, sitting holding dog, joined in sharing memories of their lost dogs and in planting the tree in the first annual service to memorialize lost companions - Bob Marino

On a brilliant Sunday morning in February, my Sinatra, a spirited chocolate Standard Poodle, was struck by a car on the 96th Street transverse in Central Park, an innocent misstep in the midst of early morning play. The very sound of the words "Central Park" set him into a full body wag. There, everyday began with running and greeting my many wonderful friends, both two-legged and four. What a glorious place for him, filled with memories of blissful rolls on the grass, long walks with cherished friends, fabulous romps with his buddies. Central Park was his life and, alas, his death. His spirit will live here forever - Susan Eden

Ayveq the Walrus
1994 - June 2008

Ayveq, one of three orphaned walruses, was brought to the New York Aquarium in May 1994 from the village of Gambel on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, by special arrangement with the Alaskan Walrus Eskimo Commission. Ayveq means "Walrus," in Siberian Yupik, the language of the native people of Eastern Siberia. He was the father of Akituusaq, who celebrated his first birthday in early June. "We are deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved walrus, Ayveq, and are proud of the exemplary care that our entire staff provided during this critical time," said Jon Forrest Dohlin, WCS Director of the New York Aquarium.
Loki the Opossum
April 2004 - Aug. 5, 2008

I never met as fine a marsupial as you, Loki the short-tailed opossum. We met in August of 2004 at Marc Morrone's pet store in Long Island, and it was love at first sight. The first thing you did after the long train ride home was run up the walls of my apartment and hide under the furnace. I coaxed you out with a banana. After that, you lived in a 3 story condo suitable for the noblest opossum, with a large wheel and the finest, softest beds. Thank you, Loki, for being there for me when nobody else was. I adopted you when the guy I had been dating took off suddenly and joined the FBI. You were so exotic, and the opposite of him, and helped me forget. You will always hold a special place in my heart - Karen Biehl

Clarice the Wonder Pug
Clarice "The Wonder Pug" Milito
together for 16 years

Clarice "The Wonder Pug" was a gentle soul who graced my life for almost 16 years. From howling like a mad dog when I played Bob Marley's "Jammin" to waking up from a coma-like sleep when she heard a pretzel bag opening. In almost 16 years together, we went through divorce, moving a few times, job hirings, job firings, deaths, and life. And the one wonderful constant was always Clarice. Rest in Peace My Sweet. Any donations in her name can be made to Animal Care & Control, NYC at


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