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New York Tails Animal Breeder Disclosure Form

New York Tails magazine maintains a strict "no puppy/kitten mills" policy and will not knowingly carry ads promoting this practice or any other practice that veers away from recognized ethical breeding practices. At the same time, we recognize there are responsible, ethical breeders and hope to provide a positive advertising forum that enables them to reach people who would like to buy a specific breed of pet.

Before accepting a breeder's advertisement, we require answers to the following questions. These questions are adapted from the Humane Society of the United States' document "How To Identify A Good Dog Breeder - Tips from the Humane Society of the United States." Additionally, New York Tails will check American Kennel Club and United States Department of Agriculture databases and any other databases as deemed appropriate in an effort to discover if there are suspensions against the breeder. Finally, we will run text near the breeder's ad which indicates that, while all breeders in New York Tails have gone through this strict preliminary screening process, readers are still urged to do their own research and ask questions.

New York Tails Breeder Question List (based on Humane Society of the United States guidelines)

Please answer yes or no (Y or N) to the following questions As a professional breeder, do you:

1. Own the dam? _________

2. Keep your dogs in your home as part of the family; not outside in kennel runs? ________

3. Show potential adopters where the dogs spend most of their time? _________

4. Encourage potential adopters to spend time with the puppy's parents, or at least their mother, when they visit?______

5. Breed only one or two types of dogs, and are knowledgeable about "breed standards" ________

6. Have a strong relationship with your local veterinarian and are able to produce records of veterinary visits for your puppies that explain their medical history and vaccination record? ____________

7. Keep yourself educated about potential generic problems with the breed and explain to potential adopters what these may be? ___________

8. Test the puppy's parents for diseases that affect their breed and can produce proof of such testing through a recognized organization (ex: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals). ________

9. Give guidance on caring and training the puppy to potential adopters and make yourself available to assist after the puppy is brought home? ________

10. Encourage potential adopters to contact other families who have purchased your puppies? __________

11. Feed your puppies high quality "premium" brand food? _______

12. Have times when you don't have puppies available but instead keep a list of interested people to be notified regarding the next available litter? ___________

13. Actively compete your dogs in conformation trials, obedience trials or tracking and agility trials? ____

14. Do you work with your local state and national clubs that specialize in your breed? _______

15. Encourage potential adopters to make more than one visit and urge them to have their entire family meet the puppy before being taken home? _________

16. Provide a written contract and health guarantee and allow potential adopter to thoroughly review it, and allow adopters to choose their own veterinarian? ___________

Statement of Good Faith: I agree that I have answered the above questions as honestly as possible and to the best of my knowledge have no current or pending violations with either the American Kennel Club, the United Stated Department of Agriculture or any other recognized regulatory group concerning my breeding practices. I understand that New York Tails can refuse to accept my ad based on my answers to these questions. Should this occur, both parties will be held harmless and no further actions taken.

I understand that this questionnaire is for internal screening purposes only and will be kept confidential.

I will not hold New York Tails nor its partners or associates responsible if I receive no response or an undesired response from my advertisement, and that, while every effort will be made to give my ad the best possible placement and position available, ads that encourage adoption from shelters and/or rescue groups will continue to run in the same issue of New York Tails that my advertisement appears in.

Signed __________________________________________________________

Print name:______________________________________________________



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